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Virtual Home Tours Idaho, Strategic Real Estate Marketing & more.

Welcome to 4Previews.com, Meridian Idaho. We offer every aspect of strategic tools in sales and marketing for the real estate industry in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Middleton, Star, Kuna, Garden Valley, Tamarack, Donnelly, McCall and Sun Valley Idaho.

From virtual tours, awesome brochures, CD, DVD and streaming video presentations, fantastic flyovers, subdivision and community maps & information. story boards and drive-bys; to excellent web site creation, web forms, and affective web site placement; we help get you the results you want for your real estate service company.

After all, you found us; we will help everyone looking for a real estate professional find you.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation email or give us a call. We are here for you.

Feel free to browse through this web site for ideas and links to a variety of excellent real estate services in Idaho. 

The Idaho real estate market is exploding with great opportunities to anyone fishing for results.

From first time home buyers to the serious real estate investor; from the first time builder to the dream home builder; everyone involved in real estate can benefit from good education and experience in buying and selling homes and properties. An experienced real estate agent and their associates can not only save you from a lot of mistakes, they can also help you make some of the greatest decisions you will make in you your life. One of the most important decisions you can make is to find a real estate agent who you can work with. You will need to know up front for a successful experience you will need to spend sufficient time to get to know them and allow their experience and connections work for you. 

Click HERE for a list of Idaho Real Estate companies who can help you realize your real estate dreams.

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For information about the Parade of Homes, Boise Idaho,

Go to http://www.bcaswi.org  or http://www.tourre.com  

A metamorphous has taken place in the real  estate industry!  

Now is a perfect time to buy a house!

Do you want a new home?

Do you have the tools you need to serve those 

who use your service in the real estate market?


The RULES of Real Estate Marketing have changed!


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Click HERE 4previews of some GREAT demo sites.

Sample search the MLS from Your Realtor's Site

(Then click on "Home Search")
The intent of this web site is to demonstrate to those searching for real estate online, and those in the real estate industry, and associated in the real estate industry; some of the tools, resources and methods that are available to help in your process. We will introduce you to technologies and link you to some of the best ways to find or sell a home or property online.  

Our goal is to help connect buyers & sellers using all of the technologies available. This includes electronics and telecommunications; but focuses on developing and maintaining relationships with buyers, builders, realtors, lenders, contractors, sales and marketing. It's about community and relationships; the tools we can all use, and the process. The final result is a satisfied customer and a stronger community. It's about working together, effectively; and it's about , caring, sharing, and helping each of us to do our jobs better.

We believe: "Together we can do great things."

Our purpose is strategic marketing for today's real estate. This involves evaluating your niche, your needs, your goals; and matching you with a strategic plan, and great tools to achieve them. It also includes teaching you how to effective use technologies and other marketing tools to better serve those around you. Providing better tools to those who use your services; secures and insures your place in the community.

We specialize in web site design and development; electronic and internet advertising; video, CD-Rom and DVD interactive tools for construction, real estate, lending and related businesses.

From an inquiry of what's available in a particular area; to an elevated look around the neighborhood; locating schools, shopping, hospitals, transportation and community amenities; the tools are available to help you.

What is your role? How can you do it better?

OK. So here's a scenario; A young is transferred to Boise Idaho from Portland Oregon. They will both be working for a medium sized business. They are new to the area. They want to find a house in Meridian. In a nice "newer" neighborhood. What do they do?

1. How do we find a home? what's available?

2. How do I find a realtor?

3. Should we buy and existing home or build a new one?

4. How do we find a builder?

5. What are we qualified to buy? How do we find out?

6. How do we find a house plan?

7. OK. We have a house. Where do we go to finance it?

8. What is a title search?

9. What about insurance?

10. How do we find a contractor or sub-contractor?


"Welcome to the think tank"
Yesterday's way of marketing real estate has been replaced by a fast paced, high impact, high tech, right now, on demand, full-featured, revolutionary, of marketing real estate has been replaced by a fast paced, high impact, high tech, right now, on demand, full-featured, revolutionary, one-stop-shop.
In the coming year it's estimated up to 85% of all homebuyers will be using the Internet as their primary source when looking for a home.
4previews.com is committed to helping the real estate industry stay on the cutting edge. Forward thinking, fuelled with our experience in electronic & media marketing, empowered with state-of-the-art technology; we are providing the right tools, for the just-in-time, got-a-have-it-now demands of today's buyers.

Tomorrow's Real Estate Marketing Strategies have to include a team player with the ability to produce easy to find, easy to use, give me the details, tell me more, show me now, get to the point, electronic media. have to include a team player with the ability to produce easy to find, easy to use, give me the details, tell me more, show me now, get to the point, electronic media. 

4previews.com does not replace the realtor; we HELP connect the buyer to the seller, BETTER, thereby HELPING the Realtor do what he does; BETTER. 

  Real Estate Marketing Strategies for the year 2000 will have to include a major online presence, eye grabbing graphics, get-em-out-a-the-car designs, show-em-every-detail-digitals, and fabulous virtual & video tours.  

We do the high-tech, you do the high touch.

"4PREVIEWS - Connecting buyers & sellers"


By combining single pictures, 360 panoramas (virtual tours), or video; Homebuyers & Realtors can maximize their search time to FIND what they are looking for.

Anyone with a computer or Web TV can go online and view your web pages; IF they can find them; and will stay with you UNTIL the find what they came for If the like what they see.

We believe the more you show the more you sell.

Put 4previews to work for you.

24/7 4previews is available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.



Click HERE 4previews of some GREAT sites.

4 previews real estate in Idaho at it's best

Sample Tours

HGTV    InSideThisHome    Spurwing One   Bonita Hills

IPIX Home Tours   Live Picture   Hot Media


Sit back and tour properties from the luxury of your own home or office! Take a Virtual Home Tour of properties that interest you. Then contact the Realtor or Home Builder for a "Live" showing.

  Who will these changes effect ? ? ? 

  . . . Literally . . .         EVERYONE . . .

 Home Buyers

 Home Sellers

 Home Searchers

 Real Estate Agents

 Real Estate Brokers

 Home Builders



HOMEBUYERS we have what you're searching for!!.
  Find all available homes in the area of your choice.
  Find all available homes in the area of your choice.
  Connect with a "Personal" Realtor to represent you.
  Tour the home, neighborhood & community.

     HOME SEARCHERS our web site was created for you.

We hope you enjoy not wasting trips to houses you have no interest in or missing opportunities to buy a property you simply disqualified from your search.


     REAL ESTATE Brokers / Agents / Managers

Learn How to increase your income and profits.


List and Sell more properties in a fraction of the time with a Virtual Home Tour. We offer the most advanced listing and sales tools available. We do the work for you. Our featured service for Realtors is called a Virtual Home Tour. This is a 360 degree panorama virtual reality tour of property features. This dynamic tool will put you head and shoulders above the competition. Your increased productivity and results are waiting!


     HOME BUILDERS - MARKET your homes better with virtual tours.

  Show your floor plans with click on tours
  Show your model homes "LIVE".

     DEVELOPERS - SHOW subdivisions with a virtual tour.

Display your subdivision and lot details online.

Give your potential buyers a drive through tour.


4previews.com provides the services you need.





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