The REAL virtual tour overview

The theory of virtual tour strategy for marketing real estate effectively.

This is a comprehensive overview of how to effectively use virtual tours to help market real estate. There is much more to a virtual tour than initially meets the eye. By developing strategic filters to "catch" the buyer and direct them quickly toward the available properties they are interested in, give them several extended views of those properties, which helps them identify and qualify which properties they are most interested in. Then schedule an appointment to show them the property, and close the deal. It can be that simple.

"Strategic FILTERS". The strategic filters are:

1. an easy to remember web site.

2. a data base of all properties

3. an easy to navigate, search and retrieval system for the data base

4. an easy way to locate information about a specific property ( i.e. number )

5. a "click to see" property page that includes:

    a. front, back, inside views (still photos)

    b. panorama or navigatable photos ( i.e. ipix, 360 degree java ) 

    c. area information ( general info, statistics, subdivision info, local info, etc. )

    d. aerial photos that shows where it is and what's nearby ( schools, stores,  

        shopping, parks, hospitals, major area businesses, restaurants, etc. )



MLS Sample Data Base